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RisingHost receives high quality bandwidth from ATT, Broadwing, Cox, Global Crossing, Level3, Uunet & Savvis [Sprint, Cable and Wireless and more]. We utilize these connections to multiple backbones to ensure that data reaches the end-user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

Bandwidth Utilization

The RisingHost Network currently has plenty of excess capacity, even during peak hours. We are always adding network connectivity and new routes in an effort to make sure content is delivered to your users as efficiently as possible. A low bandwidth utilization also allows for maximum uptime, even if one of our providers has an outage.

Network Providers

Our Network Providers are comprised of telecommunications companies that we work with to build and maintain our network. View our major network providers below.

AT&T is among the world's premier voice, video and data communications companies, serving consumers, businesses and government. AT&T has annual revenues of nearly $66 billion and 162,000 employees, and provides services to customers worldwide. AT&T runs the world's largest, most sophisticated communications network, is the largest cable operator in the U.S., and has one of the largest digital wireless networks in North America. AT&T is a leading supplier of data and Internet services for businesses and offers outsourcing, consulting and networking-integration to large businesses.

Broadwing is a customer-focused, integrated communications powerhouse delivering innovative, cutting-edge Internet, data, voice and IT solutions to large- and medium-sized enterprise customers worldwide. Spanning 18,500+ miles, our all-optical switched network and award-winning IP backbone provide companies the bandwidth, reliability and security needed to succeed in the competitive digital marketplace.


As the fourth largest cable provider in the nation, Cox Communications, Inc. is noted for its high-capacity, reliable broadband delivery network as well as the company's ability to provide superior customer service.


Global Crossing
Global Crossing Ltd. provides telecommunications solutions over the world's first integrated global IP-based network, which reaches 27 countries and more than 200 major cities around the globe. Global Crossing serves many of the world's largest corporations, providing a full range of managed data and voice products and services. Global Crossing operates throughout the Americas and Europe, and provides services in Asia through its subsidiary, Asia Global Crossing.


SAVVIS is a global managed service provider that delivers IP VPNs (Internet protocol virtual private networks), managed hosting and Internet services to mid-sized/Global 2000 enterprises along with the financial services market. The SAVVIS data communications network spans 110 cities in 45 countries, encompassing the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and The Pacific Rim. More than 4,700 financial institutions -- including 75 of the top 100 worldwide banks and 45 of the Top 50 brokerage firms.


UUNET, an MCI WorldCom company, is a global leader in Internet communications solutions offering a comprehensive range of Internet services to business customers worldwide. Providing Internet access, web hosting, remote access and other value-added services, UUNET offers service in over 100 countries, to more than 70,000 businesses, and owns and operates a global network in thousands of cities throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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